How to Unlock bootloader on Realme 11 Pro 5G?

Welcome guys! If you are new to this field, then you have come to a pretty good place. Today we will tell you about unlock the bootloader on Realme 11 Pro 5G. Bootloader allows you to bypass the restrictions set by the developers, customize the device, and get superuser rights and other actions with the device. We will tell you about it even more; you have to stick with us till the end.

What is Bootloader?

Bootloader is software that helps load the operating system into the computer’s memory. When you turn on your computer, the bootloader runs first, and then it loads the operating system into memory, allowing your computer to function properly.

Why do people unlock the bootloader?

The main reason why people unlock bootloaders is to get a lot of control over their devices. Unlocking the bootloader allows them to access your phone’s system files and make unauthorized changes, such as installing a custom recovery, flashing new ROMs, or making other modifications. This gives them the freedom to customize their device to their liking, but be aware that this may void the warranty, and unauthorized changes may lead to security issues.

What are the advantages of unlocking the bootloader?

  • Freedom to install new operating systems: By unlocking the bootloader, you can install new and custom operating systems on your device.
  • Custom Recovery Installation: You can get options for backup, restore, and other advanced operating system configurations by installing a custom recovery on your device.
  • Application and system modifications: Unlocking the bootloader allows you to make modifications to your device’s system and applications, allowing you to customize your device according to your needs.
  • Independent Development: By unlocking the bootloader, developers can create new and improved software for their devices and share it with the community.

What are the disadvantages of unlocking the bootloader?

  • Security Threat: Unlocking the bootloader may reduce the security of your device, as it opens the door to unauthorized custom ROMs and software modifications, which may weaken some security features.
  • Data Loss by Unlocking the Bootloader: If you unlock the bootloader, your device may run the risk of data loss due to running with unauthorized software.
  • Difficulty with Software Updates: After unlocking the bootloader, it may be difficult to install official software updates, and you may have to do it manually.
  • Device may be bricked: If there is a glitch in unlocking the bootloader, the device may become bricked (unbricked), making it impossible to use.


  • First, you enable developer mode on the phone and unlock the OEM features.
  • You need an original USB cable to connect to the PC.
  • You need to download and install ADB and Fastboot Tools to execute commands.
  • Take a full backup of your all-important data.
  • Make sure your device’s battery is charged to more than 90%.

Warning: I hope you have backed up all the necessary data from your device. After this process, all the data on your device will be removed.

Let’s Unlock bootloader on Realme 11 Pro 5G

Undoubtedly, there exists a possibility that distinct methods exist for unlocking the bootloader on various smartphone models. The approach listed below, however, might be your best option if you’re searching for a conventional approach to unlock bootloader on your Realme 11 Pro 5G.

  • Open Settings > Go to About Phone > Click on Software Info.
  • Now find the build number and “click on it” until developer mode becomes active.
Enable Devloper Option
  • Go to Developer Mode and allow OEM unlock and USB debugging.
Enable USB Debugging
  • Now install the required ADB and Fastboot tools on your laptop or PC.
  • Now connect your smartphone to your PC or laptop through a USB cable.
  • Open the command prompt on your PC or laptop.
  • To verify that your smartphone is properly connected to your PC or not, type a command on cmd: “adb devices.”
  • To check whether the bootloader is working on your device or not, type the command “adb reboot bootloader.
  • Type the command “fastboot oem unlock” to complete the process.
  • Wait while the bootloader unlocking process is complete, and then restart the device with the command “fastboot reboot.
  • Superb! You have successfully unlocked the bootloader of your Realme 11 Pro 5G.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- Does Realme have bootloader unlock?

Ans. Yes, Realme devices typically offer a bootloader unlocking option through the official Realme website. Unlocking the bootloader enables users to customize their devices with custom ROMs and modifications, but it may void warranties and require careful consideration of potential risks. Always follow official instructions and guidelines provided by Realme.

Q- Can you unlock a locked bootloader?

Ans. Unlocking a locked bootloader is possible, but the process varies by device. Some manufacturers provide official methods through their websites, while others require unofficial methods that may void warranties. Always follow specific instructions for your device model and consider potential risks before attempting to unlock a bootloader.

Q- Can I unlock bootloader in fastboot mode?

Ans. Yes, you can unlock the bootloader in fastboot mode using specific commands provided by the device manufacturer. It involves connecting your device to a computer, enabling USB debugging, and running the designated fastboot commands. Make sure to follow official instructions and understand the potential consequences before proceeding.

Final Thoughts:

So, guys! We hope that you guys have properly unlocked the bootloader on your Realme 11 Pro 5G. Bootloader allows you to get superuser rights, with which you can make various changes to make your device even better, and if you have any questions related to it, then you can ask us in the comment area. That’s all for today’s guide. Thanks for reading, guy.

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