How to Unlock Bootloader on Realme GT Neo 5 5G?

Hi Guys! If you want to root your device, then you will need to unlock the bootloader, and today in this article, we will tell you how you can unlock the bootloader on Realme GT Neo 5 5G. And bootloader allows users to install custom firmware, Fastboot ROM, and get superuser rights, and we will tell you even more. So stay with us till the end.

What is Bootloader?

Bootloader is a type of software that provides support for running your computer or mobile device. It is a small program that helps load the operating system into memory so that your device can boot properly. It is designed to help your device’s hardware boot properly in challenging situations.

Why do people unlock the bootloader?

They want to orient their device in the direction of new possibilities, such as changing the tone adaptively. It is a technical art, a way of building one’s device independently. After all, it is also an endorsement that the tech community shares.

What are the advantages of unlocking the bootloader?

  • Customization: Unlocking the bootloader allows you to customize your device according to your needs.
  • Custom Recovery: An unlocked bootloader lets you install custom recovery, giving you more control.
  • Custom ROM: Unlocking the bootloader allows you to install custom ROMs on your device, which will bring more features and innovations.
  • Freedom: You get the freedom to make your device your own, customizing your favorite applications and settings.
  • Upgrade and Downgrade: An unlocked bootloader lets you easily upgrade and downgrade your device, helping you stay on the latest or most loved version.

What are the disadvantages of unlocking the bootloader?

  • Negative Security Impact: Unlocking the bootloader can leave the user’s device vulnerable to security.
  • Risk of Losing Guarantee: Unlocking the bootloader can come with the risk of losing the guarantee, as companies may find it difficult to follow the rules associated with such users.
  • Software Update Issues: After unlocking the bootloader, operating system updates may be difficult to accept, causing the user to miss out on new improvements and features.
  • Risk of Data Loss: If the software is modified unintentionally or incorrectly, there may be a risk of user data loss.
  • Degraded Battery Performance: An unlocked bootloader may also result in decreased battery performance on the user’s device, as unauthorized software may drain the battery excessively.


  • First, you enable developer mode on your device and unlock the OEM features.
  • You need an original USB cable to attach to the PC.
  • You need to download and install ADB and Fastboot Tools to run commands.
  • Take a full backup of your all-important data.
  • Your device’s battery should be charged to more than 80%.

Warning: Please remember to backup all of your device’s important data. All data will be deleted following the process.

Let’s Unlock Bootloader On Realme GT Neo 5 5G

The process of unlocking a smartphone’s bootloader varies depending on the model. If you want to go the traditional route, the plan listed below might be the best option. Now, we will unlock the bootloader on your Realme GT Neo 5 5G.

  • Open Settings > Go to About Phone > Click on Software Info.
  • Now find the build number and “click on it” until developer mode becomes active.
Enable Devloper Option
  • Go to Developer Mode and allow OEM unlock and USB debugging.
Enable USB Debugging
  • Now install the required ADB and Fastboot tools on your laptop or PC.
  • Now connect your smartphone to your PC or laptop through a USB cable.
  • Open the command prompt on your PC or laptop.
  • To verify that your smartphone is properly connected to your PC or not, type a command on cmd: “adb devices.”
  • To check whether the bootloader is working on your device or not, type the command “adb reboot bootloader.”
  • Type the command “fastboot oem unlock” to complete the process.
  • Wait while the bootloader unlocking process is complete, and then restart the device with the “fastboot reboot” command.
  • BOOM! Your Realme GT Neo 5 5G’s bootloader has been successfully unlocked. You can now utilize your device’s entire potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- Can I use banking apps after unlocking bootloader?

Ans. Unlocking the bootloader may compromise the security of banking apps.
Many banking apps use SafetyNet to check for a secure device, and unlocking can trigger its detection. Using banking apps after unlocking the bootloader is not recommended for security reasons.

Q- Does Google allow bootloader unlock?

Ans. Google allows bootloader unlocking on its Pixel devices through official methods. However, the process may void the warranty, and it’s crucial to follow Google’s guidelines. Other Android manufacturers may have varying policies, and users should check their specific terms before attempting bootloader unlock.

Q- Does rooted mean unlocked?

Ans. Rooted and unlocked are separate concepts; rooting provides superuser access, while unlocking refers to the bootloader. A device can be rooted without being unlocked, and vice versa. Rooting allows deeper customization, but unlocking is necessary for installing custom ROMs or kernels.

Final Thoughts:

Today, we have told you how to unlock the bootloader on your Realme GT Neo 5 5G. We hope you succeed in the process. We hope that you all have understood very well what we tell you, and if you have any questions related to this, you can ask them in the comment box. And thanks for reading till the end

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