How to Unlock bootloader On Samsung Galaxy A14?

Hey guys, If you have come here to know how to unlock the bootloader on Samsung Galaxy A14, then you are absolutely in the right place. And bootloader allows users to install custom firmware, Fastboot ROM, and get superuser rights. You will get to know more about Bootloader, so stay with us till the end.

What is Bootloader?

It is responsible for managing the process of booting the system and loading the operating system into memory. The main function of the bootloader is to turn on the hardware and prepare it to load the operating system.

It is a configuration program that assists in booting the system and ensuring that all devices and protocols are working properly.

Why do people unlock the bootloader?

This allows them to provide complete monitoring and control over their devices, the freedom to install new custom firmware and applications, and opens up a way to participate in development. This gives users more control over how they customize their devices and the courage to create new experiences.

What are the advantages of unlocking the bootloader?

  • Expansion: Unlocking the bootloader allows you to expand your device even further, giving you the chance to use new and customized features.
  • Custom Recovery: Unlocking the bootloader allows you to install a custom recovery, allowing you to better manage your device.
  • Custom ROM: An unlocked bootloader lets you install custom ROMs, which can give you a new and expert user experience.
  • Upgrade and Downgrade: An unlocked bootloader lets you easily upgrade and downgrade your device, allowing you to experience different Android versions.
  • Self-Development: By unlocking the bootloader, you can develop your own Android applications and tools, which can provide new and improved technical capabilities.

What are the disadvantages of unlocking the bootloader?

  • Security Vulnerability: Unlocking the bootloader can compromise the security of the device, as unlocking can allow the installation of unauthorized applications that can cause malware.
  • Void of Warranty: Unlocking the device’s bootloader may void its warranty as the user may have violated rules regarding the installation of modifiable software.
  • Software Brick: If a mistake is made while trying to unlock the bootloader, the device may become bricked (in software state vs. notional), causing major problems for the user.
  • Lack of Support: Unlocking the device’s bootloader may deprive the user of any form of authorized support, as it may risk disrupting the user-bootloader interface.


  • First, you enable developer mode on your device and unlock the OEM features.
  • You need an original USB cable to attach to the PC.
  • You need to download and install ADB and Fastboot Tools to run commands.
  • Take a full backup of your all-important data.
  • Make sure your device’s battery is charged to more than 80%.

Warning: Please note that you should backup all important data from your device. Because after the process, all data will be removed.

Let’s Unlock Bootloader On Samsung Galaxy A14

Various techniques can be employed, depending on the model, to unlock a smartphone’s bootloader. The plan listed below may be the best option if you’re looking for a traditional approach. We are going to unlock the bootloader on your Samsung Galaxy A14 now.

  • Open Settings > Go to About Phone > Click on Software Info.
  • Now find the build number and “click on it” until developer mode becomes active.
Enable Devloper Option
  • Go to Developer Mode and allow OEM unlock and USB debugging.
Enable USB Debugging
  • Now install the required ADB and Fastboot tools on your laptop or PC.
  • Now connect your smartphone to your PC or laptop through a USB cable.
  • Open the command prompt on your PC or laptop.
  • To verify that your smartphone is properly connected to your PC or not, type a command on cmd: “adb devices.”
  • To check whether the bootloader is working on your device or not, type the command “adb reboot bootloader.”
  • Type the command “fastboot oem unlock” to complete the process.
  • Wait while the bootloader unlocking process is complete, and then restart the device with the “fastboot reboot” command.
  • Success! You have now successfully unlocked the bootloader on your Samsung Galaxy A14. You can now generate most of the power for your device.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- What if bootloader is unlocked?

Ans. An unlocked bootloader allows for custom ROM installations, kernel modifications, and root access on Android devices. It empowers advanced users to personalize and optimize their device’s firmware but may void warranties and carry certain risks. Always follow proper procedures and use reputable sources for customizations.

Q- Can I unlock bootloader without losing data?

Ans. Unlocking the bootloader typically involves wiping data on most devices, so it’s advisable to back up important information before proceeding. Some manufacturers provide unlocking methods that preserve data, but it’s essential to check for specific instructions for your device. Exercise caution and be prepared for potential data loss during the unlocking process.

Q- Can I use Fastboot with locked bootloader?

Ans. Fastboot commands are usually used with an unlocked bootloader to modify the device’s firmware. With a locked bootloader, the fastboot mode is accessible, but certain commands, like flashing custom ROMs, won’t work. Ensure your bootloader is unlocked for advanced fastboot functionalities.

Final Thoughts:

Hey there guys, Today we have told you how to unlock the bootloader on Samsung Galaxy A14. And we hope that you have completed this process well, and if you have any questions related to this, then you can ask in the comment area. That’s all for today, Thank you

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